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Lee Di-yeon, launched electronic diffuser'Pofumes' Wadiz crowdfunding
Design manufacturer Lee, Yeon-taek (CEO Lee Yeon-taek) introduces an electronic diffuser, ``Pofumes,'' that can change fragrances at Wadi's, the largest crowdfunding platform in Korea. Unlike existing diffusers, Di-yeon Lee's Fourfumes is designed for users like a home capsule coffee machine. It is a scent device that allows you to easily change and enjoy the scent according to your mood, situation, and atmosphere. A total of 4 capsules can be installed, and with a simple button operation, effects such as blowing intensity, scent change, power on/off, mood, etc. Etc. are possible.

Pofumes can be used at home, school, office, beauty-related shops, and other places where scent products such as candles and diffusers are provided. In particular, the fragrance can be changed appropriately according to the user's mood or situation, so that a good night's sleep. It is attractive that it can be used as needed in a bedroom for a child, a study room that requires concentration, or a living room where a change of mood is required. Lee's flagship product'Cork Speaker' is a small portable speaker with no sound or low sound quality due to its small size, but has a large ringtone. It is a product that simultaneously solves the shortcomings of large speakers, which are less portable.

It was first introduced in Wadiz in 2015, and upgraded Corklite and Corkmini, which were upgraded by receiving user feedback, in turn, launched seven times in Wadiz. In addition, in 2016,'Challenge! K-Startup' was successful. 'Awarded for excellence in 2020, and has been positioned as a filial product of Lee Di-yeon until now in 2020. Pofumes' crowdfunding starts from September 11th on the Wadiz website for two weeks, and Bonfunding is September 25th. It is scheduled to open from October 19th.

After applying for notification during the scheduled opening period, supporters who participated in the funding will be given an event that randomly provides one hand cream of the same line as Pofumes' aroma oil scent. Lee Yeon-taek, CEO Lee De-yeon, said Zipcock due to corona leads to a prolonged period of time. At this time, he revealed that he hopes that Pofumes, which can change scents according to the ever-changing mood and situation of modern people, will be a little rest and comfort to users.

In addition, in order to expand the lineup of Pofumes diffuser oil and the lineup of next-generation products, it is being continuously researched and developed, and will be launched sequentially. On the other hand, Dee-yeon Lee is TIPS as a company that fosters the 3rd stage of IBK Business Development Platform IBK Business Development Platform. Accelerator CNT Tech (CEO Jeon Seong), who is also an operating company, was in charge of fostering.